About Me

Name: Felix Neubauer

Born: 1998

Country: Germany

Hobbies: Developing games and plugins, gym, obstacle races, having fun with friends

School/Work: Software Developer in the automotive sector, working on self driving cars.

Developing Career:

2019 – Completed bachelor of engineering (IT automotive; mainly computer science)

Gameplay of my mobile game ManaWars:

2018 – Updating the BossShop plugin and working on the BossShopPro Editor web application as well as the mobile game ManaWars

2017 – Updating the BossShop plugin and working on the mobile game ManaWars

2016 – Updating and working on Bukkit Plugins; started studying „IT Automotive“ (computer science, bachelor of engineering)

BossShop BukkitDev

2015 – Started working on the ManaWars CrystalSeeker App

Screenshot_2015-12-23-10-30-47 1 Screenshot_2015-12-26-13-48-27

Worked on the ManaWar App

Screenshot_2015-06-02-17-14-56 Screenshot_2015-05-13-13-53-31 

2014 – Started working on an Android App for ManaWar


Left the Snapcraft network (Not interested in Minecraft anymore); Quit Minecraft; Worked on ManaWarII

manawar ingame #2,

2013 – Created my own Java Game „ManaWar


Joined the Dutch Snapcraft network, improved and rewrote my custom games and plugins for Snapcraft (Biggest games: EarthGame and ZombieV)

2013-05-12_20.35.27 2013-07-08_21.12.01 2013-09-02_17.55.07 2013-05-31_23.40.18 2013-07-19_14.24.39 2013-09-02_18.19.17


2012 – Getting more and more plugin requests from big networks; Started teaching David A. (iDaviddd) Java


Teamed up with David A. (from Sweden) and created the Minecraft network „Zeuby“; Invented „EarthGame“ and improved „ZombieSurvival“ a lot (including the creation of player npcs with artificial intelligence)

2012-12-25_21.29.52 2013-01-02_20.57.18 2013-02-05_20.12.56

Created the Minecraft server „NeubyWar“ for which I programmed my first Minigames („War“ and „ZombieSurvival„)

2012-11-25_17.26.55 2012-11-19_17.46.45

2011 – Started learning Java to create Minecraft Bukkit plugins (First plugin: CommandRank)

map_das dritte zeitalterCommandRank Projekt Screenshot

Created my first Minecraft server („Neuby“) which grew step by step

world of fantasy

2010 – Learned Scripting for LOTR, created better and more unique maps

map_das dritte zeitalter

2009 – Created the first own Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Battle from Middle Earth II maps


2006 – Started creating my first custom blocks etc. in Rocks’n’Diamonds


2005 – Drew and created my own board games

Brettspiel Felix

2004 – Started creating my first Rocks’n’Diamonds levels