In this thread I will talk a little about the history and past of my minigame EarthGame.

Everything began around 2011:

A friend of mine and me were fighting in survival mode. I almost killed him but then he started to dig down in dirt, trying to hide himself. I followed him and a battle in the earth started.

Because the fight was extremely fun a few days later I created a dirt-arena- the beginning of EarthGame.

First Arena

The arena supported four players only and worked like following:

  • All four players are ready
  • Gameleader says „Go“
  • Players jump in the start-box of their color
  • Players equip with torches, weapons and spades that can be found at their start-box
  • Players dig, hide and fight

Around I year later I’ve created the „WarGames“ server.

It contained the classic War gamemode:

2012-09-12_19.19.33 2012-08-05_15.29.44

War was a battle based on teams. Players got money by attacking their enemies and with money they were able to buy stuff like grenades, mines, machineguns, bazooka etc.

I’ve even written a little mod which allows to buy weapons quickly:


(It’s german)

Later I somehow remembered the old Earthgame. I started to create an EG plugin and added new features every day. At that time we just had one map (Classic) and never more than 35 players. I’ve connected my server (It’s name was „Neuby“) with the factions server („Zioncity“) of the swedish guy David, with who I got in touch through plugins and coding. We connected our servers via proxy and created the network „Zeuby“.

Later the classic War plugin was removed and I’ve created some more games like Adventure, PvP etc.

Some weeks/months later I’ve contacted Bas and Maarten, owners of the awesome Snapcraft network and joined their network as developer and administrator together with David. I’ve took my minigames and improved and modified them a lot with the help and servers of Bas and Maarten. I’ve rewritten Earthgame and many new maps were built.

Some days after the huge rework has been published great Youtubers played Earthgame:

Deadlox :

SSundee :


NoahCraftFTW :

TheCampingRusher :





Even Sethbling, CaptainSparklez and SkyDoesMinecraft were online (I was in italy while they were playing :/ )


Days later – due to one server not being enough for the huge player count – EarthGame was updated and split into multiple Servers (each is running his own Arena). I’ve had a happy time and collected many new experiences, however due to time reasons and since Snapcraft lost it’s attraction for me, I left the network and stopped playing minecraft. I still update a few of my plugins though.

Thanks Bas, David and Maarten for all the help and support!