ManaWar for Android


(Follower of ManaWarII and was written for mobile phones.)


What is ManaWar?

ManaWar is a 2d sidescroller and strategy game with many RPG elements. Its unique Skill and fight system and the ways of customization which there are make it an unique and fun experience. Currently it’s made for Android Devices only! Supporting tablets and mobile phones.


ManaWar is being created by us: two seventeen years old guys – student and trainee. Working on a project like this is really fun and exiting for us. We love creating games and to see happy people who play them. A project like ManaWar means pleasure and a lot of new experiences but also blood, sweat and tears.

mwa_2 Felix – Student and hobby developer

mwa_3Moritz – Trainee and Drawer

What different Game-Types does ManaWar have?


What can I do in fights?

  • You can move forward/backwards
  • You can block skills with your shield
  • You can jump by tapping (doublejump is possible too)
  • You can always adapt the zoom/scale level of the camera
  • You can use your three Skills to attack (Skills can be bought in the Tavern)

What can I do in CastleDefense battles?

  • You can recruit units (who can be modified in the Tavern); These units defend your fortress and try to attack the enemy fortress
  • You can select and control units just like your Hero (select by double-tapping)
  • You can upgrade your Gold-Mine
  • You can purchase your own Hero character



As new player, you choose between the classes Warrior, Ranger and Wizard (later additional Shadowmage).



ManaWar is a Singleplayer game . There’s a big Story Map, where you can either play the Campaign, start the Endless-Mode or visit the Tavern.

(In the future a multiplayer mode might be added too)



In the Tavern, there are all upgrades and shops.



You can choose between many different Skills in the Skill Tree



You can always equip 3 skills at the same time.



You can upgrade your Hero too.



As well as you can upgrade your Castle and its defenses.



And your Army can be modified too.



The Campaign Maps consist of four different types.



ManaWar Wallpaper (We actually have a 8k pixel version of that one)

poster- low quali





German Game testing & preview



The ManaWar Android App is extremely far and can already be tested. It is playable but there are many things which still can be improved. We have learned tons of new things with the creation of the app and actually already started with a new version, which is way faster, better and more smooth. While we learned a lot with the development of a custom game engine for the ManaWar App, we are now working with the popular libGDX engine in the new game. More infos cooming soon!