Here I will talk a little about my „ZombieV“ minigame.


Everything started around 2012.


I had a little server named „NeubyWar“ containing some own minigames like War, EarthGame and ZombieSurvival.

ZombieSurvival started with a tiny, dark, bad and squared map:

2012-11-17_18.07.07 2012-11-17_17.48.06
I kept adding new waves and features every day.


Then I combined my minigames server with the factions server of David (a swedish guy, who I met through plugins). We created the network named „Zeuby“ and only had 40-90 players online at that point. We had following sub-servers connected via proxy:

  • Hub
  • Factions
  • Creative
  • WarGames
  • Towny (was planned and started, never finished)

I’ve built a new ZombieSurvival map:


and new features like NPCs (bots looking like a player) were added. I’ve contacted the big Snapcraft network and few days later David and me joined it as Developer and Administrator, where I’ve added/improved/modified my minigames server named „WarGames“ which contained following games:

  • ZombieSurvival
  • 1v1 Arenas
  • EarthGame

Due to EarthGame being split into multiple servers and moved away from „WarGames“ some weeks/months later, WarGames only had 1v1 and ZombieSurvival left, and at the time we only had ONE single ZombieSurvival arena with space for 15 players…

As reaction I’ve created a new ZombieSurvival plugin with many improvements running on a new map. Fireworks, soundeffects, a new shop, crazy waves, „map-addons“ (Like a tower shooting arrows), a new system supporting multiple arenas and much more was added.

That’s the new map, which was built by „randomguy1243“ alias Noah:


Then, finally on August 26.  the new ZombieV Server was released 🙂




It was running quite successful:



New arenas and more features were added and more and more players joined. The Slots of the Beginner-Arenas were increased:




Due to time reasons and since Snapcraft lost it’s attraction for me, I left the network and stopped playing minecraft. I still update a few of my plugins though.